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Are you a fan of Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson? or any of the new...young pups, then you are probably a fan of golf in general, or at least American Golf. There are now some great golfing holidays in America and aroung the world as golfing holidays have become one of the fastest growing sectors of the travel industry.

Tiger Woods is pretty well a star worldwide, but is considered one of the best athletes in all of American sports. The reason is because he has dominated like no other person has in any other sport. Whilst Michael Jordan was superb it is debatable whether or not Tiger Woods has had more impact on his sport than Michael Jordan did on basketball.

Tiger Woods is known for being a powerhouse in the PGA Tour, the premier professional league that is responsible for operations of the professional golf tour.

The PGA championship is a golf tournament held each year. It is one of four major championships and is the last one held in the year. This championship alone carries a purse of at least $8,000,000. This championship is typically held in August. The location varies between different courses throughout the United States.

The Masters is also one of the major championships. It is held each year on the same course in Augusta, Georgia. It is also scheduled the same each year for the first weekend of a full week in April. The Masters has a little bit bigger purse with 8,500,000 up for grabs by the professionals.

After the Masters the professional golfers get a month off to rest and then are back at it again in June for the U.S. Open. Much like the PGA championship, the course can vary but courses are supposed to be in a condition that is very difficult to put up good numbers. Tiger Woods broke the Par Record for any U.S. Open in 2000 with -12. The prize money usually matches that of the PGA championship.

Last but not least, no one can forget 'The Open Championship'. This championship is older than any other of the four major championships for men's golf. Of the four, this is the only one held outside of the United States. The R&A is the organizer of this tournament which is the governing group for golf outside of the United States and Mexico.

The Open Championship is always held one of nine popular and historic courses in the UK. It is also the tournament that has the biggest cash prize.  Again, Tiger Woods is recognized as setting a record of -19 on the course in 2000. This is also the record for all major tournaments in professional men's golf. Tiger Woods has won this tournament three times. In 2000, 2005, and 2006.

The growth of these golf competitions has encouraged people to come on vacation to America and watch their favourite golf stars compete. In addition many people now take a golf vacation in America and play the sport that they love on their vacation.

If you like going on golfing holidaysor had not consideer it before now then you should give it some serious thought . The growth of these golf competitions has encouraged people to come on vacation to America and watch their favourite golf stars compete.