Working with Clubwww1

11/04/2017 18:15

Career opportunities

The career opportunities are limitless only if you are self motivated, and have the kind of ruthless discipline that is associated with individuals of high moral values.  You can achieve the standard you set yourself.  You will earn the right to be paid high and treated better than tenure suggests.  That is up to you

Internet Sales Consultants

An Internet Sales Consultant, sources clients and provides access to Clubwww1 services.  These services can relate to shopping, traveling, buying, selling, training and developing.

A sales agent sells product.

Internet Sales Managers

An Internet Sales manager, Managers people and managers sales, nothing else

Working from home 

Few people have mastered the art of working from home because to most people it is working away from the office. Reward and recognition have no place just cash.   The management of time is the single most important discipline.  The second is the adherence to the discipline decided upon at the agreed time. The third is to plan your work and work your plan.  Last written goals and objectives have a better chance of succeeding.